Since our entry into the collateral management industry, we have built an enviable reputation in the market because of our deep knowledge of the logistics and commodity value chains in Africa, as well as our expertise in commodity management and storage infrastructure.

As part of the AFGRI Group, we have a 90-year plus solid track record in stock management. This is backed by the fact that we have more than 5 million tons of our own storage infrastructure, with a substantial balance sheet and an excellent reputation throughout Africa.

This allows us to use our own intellectual property and highly-skilled employees to provide clients with trusted collateral management services.

Testament to our capabilities is the fact that we are the only collateral manager in Africa with the technology and capacity to issue tradable electronic warehouse receipts for commodity under our storage control.

CMI adheres to AFGRI’s core values, and we pride ourselves on our strong focus on corporate
governance and having skilled employees who operate with the utmost integrity.